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FLAGMAN №1 in Russia

We have a huge experience

Flagman more than 15 years in the market of industrial equipment. Our specialists have successfully implemented over 500 projects in the field of marking and labeling. The main advantage of our equipment is the price-quality ratio. With a relatively small budget, an enterprise can purchase or upgrade existing equipment. We offer equipment with a warranty of 1 year.

20 February 2019
Advanced technology in the aggregate of forms
Work of Flagman applicators on one of the best machines for applying self-adhesive labels from the company KRONES

Optimal choice

We always offer the most advanced solutions on the market, so our applicators can be applied on a wide range of production lines.

We will select the equipment for your project

Our experts will help you find the perfect equipment at the best price. We will conduct a thorough analysis of production and take into account all the needs of our customers. At the heart of our work we put the desire to produce high-quality and reliable equipment.

We believe in dialogue to find the best solutions.

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